01. Individual and group fishing tours

02. Transfer to a fishing place in a comfortable car or helicopter

03. Camping accommodation and varied food from a qualified chef

04. Accompaniment and assistance of professional guides


01. You will catch trophy taimen, lenok, grayling, pike

Depending on the season and the location of fishing tour, you can catch a trophy taimen weighting 10 to 30 kg. You can also get lenok, grayling, pike and whitefish throughout the year.
The fish is so hospitable and friendly that it throws itself into your arms like a real woman.

02. You will try a variety of fish dishes according to Russian Far Eastern recipes

Our skillful cook will treat you to meals prepared from just caught fish – enjoy the variety of dishes: from raw fish to cutlets.
Of course, during the tour you can enjoy not only fish meals, but also dishes made of wild fowl, caviar, crabs. When composing a menu, we take your wishes and preferences into account.

Here is a list of dishes we have already cooked for our guests:


  • Crepes;
  • Pancakes;
  • Rice porridge;
  • Fish grilled in foil;
  • Meat pastries;
  • Eggs fried with crab meat;
  • Wheat groats porridge;
  • Sandwiches with cheese and meat/liver paste;
  • Georgian cheese-pies (just cheese or with dill);
  • Zuccini pancakes.


  • Borshch (Russian traditional beetroot soup with meat);
  • Sinman-huang (chicken soup with corn);
  • Fish soup;
  • Solyanka soup;
  • Soup with meat balls;

Second courses

  • Wild fowl;
  • Seafood;
  • Fried fish;
  • Pelmeni;
  • Fish grilled in foil;
  • Egg-covered fried fish;
  • Fish steamed in a pan with onions;
  • Boiled pierogies;
  • Fish/chicken cutlets (with meat cut with a knife or minced);
  • Spaghetti, buckwheat, rice with meat or canned meat;
  • Meat dumplings.


  • Caviar;
  • Krabs;
  • Cabbage with oil, cucumber and garlic;
  • Salad with canned saury, corn, onions, mayonnaise, eggs and cheese;
  • Salad with corn, crab sticks, eggs, cucumber and greens;
  • Herring with peas and onions with oil;
  • Khe (spice Korean carrot salad);
  • Vegetable salad;
  • Greek salad;
  • Ceasar salad.

03. Rafting along the river in a team of experienced guides

Every couple of tourists is accompanied by an experienced guide, who knows the location very well, skillfully manages the boat, knows how to get round nimble and shy fish and can teach you to do the same.
Konstantinover 20 years of boat driving experience
«You get used to everything with time, and at some point even our own trophies stopped giving us as much joy as they used to. We get this feeling again as we see amusement and delight in the eyes of our clients.»
Alexeyover 15 years of snowbike driving experience
«It’s been over 15 years since we first tried to explore the nooks of the area where we live, using different kinds of transport. We learned the best way to organize everyday life in a camp, as well as to combine the delight of overcoming the difficulties one may face during the tour and modern comfort»
Valeriyover 20 years of offroaders wildlife driving experience
«Our united friendly team guarantees unforgettable experience! We are here to help you feel the passion for fishing and the joy of battling with strong, beautiful fish.»

04. Enjoy the silence

Tours are held in locations where you will hardly meet other people. We’ve given nicknames to some of the rivers and reveal their real names only after we’ve signed the contract.
We do it in order to keep wildlife away from harm and show reserved locations for the real wildlife lovers.

05. Enjoy the experience of wildlife living!


01. Activities

Sailing, fishing and exploring the location is usually planned for the afternoon.

We use PVC-boats 4.8 meters long made specially for our purposes, with armored bottoms. The boats are equipped with water engines produced by Yamaha with a capacity of 40 horse powers.

Usually there are two tourists and a guide with a walkie-talkie per boat.

Usually we spend evenings by the fire, watch movies using a beamer or play boardgames: backgammon, chess, dominoes, cards. We can also arrange a portable sauna.


02. Our everyday-life equipment

Our guides pitch tents so that everyone can rest in a tent during the day or sleep at night. One tent has room for two people. We use tents produced by Maverick. If the group is travelling in winter, tents are equipped with a heater or the group can stay in a hostel.

Tents are equipped and supplied with:

  • electricity and light from a Yamaha generator;
  • freezer;
  • 2 satellite phones;
  • first aid kit;
  • means and devices to keep bears away;
  • anti-mosquito device ThermaCell in each tent.

03. Things you will need to bring

During you tour you will need:

  • fishing clothing;
  • fishing-tackle;
  • some of your personal belongings – we will send you the list of necessary things after we agreed on the dates of your tour.

For the time of the tour, we provide our guests with:

  • a waterproof sealed bag with a capacity of 120 liters for your personal belongings;
  • Therm-a-rest airbed;
  • a sleeping bag with a liner;
  • compressible pillow;
  • a life vest.

Fishing baits and equipment from our partners - «Fishing-777» company

Proper equipment ensures pleasant fishing

01. river Burlit

Route: middle-lower reaches of the Burlit River.
Trophies: taimen, lenok, grayling, pike, whitefish, rudd, chum.
Tour duration: up to 8 days.
Group: 6-8 people, optimally 6.
Optimal seasons: beginning of May - end of October before freezing.

02. rivers Burlit and Amur

Route: middle-lower reaches of the Burlit River.
Trophies: taimen, lenok, grayling, pike, whitefish, rudd, auha, yolk, pikeperch, asp, etc.
Tour duration: up to 8 days.
Group: 6-8 people, optimally 6.
Optimal seasons: beginning of May - end of October before freezing.

03. river Maya

Route: Rafting usually runs from the Owl’s head to the confluence with Uda. The choice of a specific route section depends on the season and water level and the starting point of the alloy is determined immediately before departure and, if possible, is adjusted above the river.
Trophies: taimen, pike, lenok, grayling, whitefish.
Tour duration: up to 8 days.
Group: 6-8 people.
Optimal seasons: May-September.

04. river Ouda

Route: Upper - the middle course of the Ouda River, the place of casting is usually decided locally, on a helipad, depending on the water level in the river and other factors. In the case of a very high level, you can choose a fallback.
Trophies: taimen, pike, lenok, grayling, whitefish.
Tour duration: up to 8 days.
Group: 6-8 people, optimally 6.
Optimal seasons: June - October before freezing.

05. river Ouchur

Route: The rafting is usually organized upstream in the section from the mouth of the right tributary of the Verkhnyaya Tangukta river to the mouth of the left tributary of Ouchur, the Uyan river.
Trophies: taimen, pike, lenok, grayling, whitefish and big perch.
Tour duration: up to 9 days.
Group: 6 people.
Optimal seasons: Mid-June - September.

06. river Birakan winter tour

Route: upper-middle course of the Birakan River and the Khur River.
Trophies: taimen up to 15 kg, lenok, grayling, pike.
Tour duration: 5 days optimally.
Group: 2-4 people.
Optimal seasons: December-March.


We will call you back, clarify your wishes and send you a personal offer.

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01. How many people can go to a fishing tour?

You can request a tour for a group as well as for 1 person. Maximum number of people in a group is 8.

When travelling alone you can choose between doing your tour individually, or wait until we can form a group.

After we agree on conditions of the tour, we expect you to sign the contract and prepay your participation.


02. Where and when are the tours held?

Your tour may be organized in these periods:

  • end of May – end of June;
  • beginning of September – end of October;
  • December – March.

Tour takes place on the shore of one of the 8 rivers of Khabarovsk Krai, which we have chosen for you. These are rivers among wildlife with pure water where you can catch trophy taimen, big lenoks and graylings.

One tour is 8-12 days long.

03. What is the difference between winter tours and summer ones?

In winter, the taimen is not caught. Fishing will be on lenok, char, grayling, pike, and whitefish.

Your tour can last for 1 day or longer.

You can stay in winter tents equipped with heaters or in a hostel. You’ll be brought to the place where we stop for fishing by off-roaders or snowmobiles (Skandiki or Yamaha Viking).


04. How is the tour going?

On the settled day we meet you in Khabarovsk and bring you by offroaders or by a comfortable bus to the place where the tour starts. You can also order a helicopter if you wish, but usually there’s no need for it.

In autumn, summer and spring our tours are organized as sailing tours with stops on the river shores for a break or overnight. In winter we offer tours which are made as stops at the places where you can take fish.

Khabarovsk – to your hotel or to the airport.

05. How can I book a tour?

Leave us your request and we will contact you to find out your preferences: time you wish to travel and duration of your tour.

After we discuss these details, you’ll be offered to sign the contract and prepay your tour – 40% is normally paid in advance. The cost of the tour depends on the number of participants.

The rest of the cost is paid after you arrive in Khabarovsk, after we meet you there.

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